Dissertation Proposal

The student submits a dissertation proposal to a committee consisting of the dissertation advisor and at least two other members of the Classics Department faculty. After review, the student circulates the proposal to the departmental faculty as a whole. An oral presentation is scheduled before the committee and any interested member of the graduate faculty. The proposal should be approved by the committee in consultation with the graduate faculty by the end of the semester following the completion of the Qualifying Examinations.

The dissertation proposal has the following components:

1. Abstract (100 words)
2. Prose proposal (3000 words)
   a. Definition of problem
   b. Review of earlier scholarship
       (including methodological approaches)
   c. Contribution of the dissertation to field
   d. Work plan (including special requirements,
       such as archival research or travel)
3. Chapter outline (one page)
4. Bibliography (one to two pages)


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