Public and Private in the Roman House

Workshop: Public and Private in the Roman House
Silver Center, 100 Washington Square East
5th floor, room 503 (entry on the Waverly Place side door)

Abstracts of all papers are available at

Friday, October 12
1 pm
Keynote session: Leanne Bablitz: Living with the Law at Home:  Visual, spatial and theoretical considerations

2.15 pm – 3.45 pm
Raffaella Cribiore: Multifunctionality of spaces in a Roman House in Egypt
Rachael Goldman: Looking back in color: The Roman system of interiors and polychromacity
Adlai Lang: GIS approaches to visibility and circulation in the Roman houses of Pompeii

4.15 pm – 5.45 pm
Evan Proudfoot: Non Item Valvata: The Seasonality of Physical Boundaries in the Pompeian Domus
Samuli Simelius: Peristyle as a place of juridical activity and administration
Summer Trentin: Space in Transition: Public and Private in the Pompeian Domestic Peristyle

Saturday, October 13
9.15 am -10.45 am
Deborah Chatr Aryamontri: Public display of private life: the emperor’s house
Harriet Fertik: Privacy and Power in Neronian Rome
Daira Nocera: The Domus Flavia and the Domus Augustana: an interpretation of public and private spaces in the imperial palace on the Palatine in Rome

11.15 am – 12.45 pm
Laura Nissinen: Public aspects of Roman cubicula
Jason Linn: Snuggling with your identity: Beds in Roman culture
Elisabetta Cova: Closets, Cupboards, Pantries, and Shelves: Storage in the Roman House

Lunch break

14.15 pm – 15.45 pm
Matthew Perry: The Paterfamilias and the Family Council in Roman Public Law
Jeffrey Tatum: Contio domestica: canvassing for voters at home
S.A. Speksnijder: Salutationes: the display of social relationships in the Roman domus

16.15 pm – 17.45 pm
Anne Hrychuk Kontokosta: Making the private public: from elite horti to imperial thermae
Lea Cline and Sandra Joshel: Public/private, slave/owner: Locating the Slave at Oplontis
Anna Anguissola: Social and intimate: the case of the 'urban villas' on the south-western slopes of Pompeii

Dinner after 6 pm

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